Our President


Sourav Das

The Founder and President of Swapanasathi Foundation is Mr. Sourav Das, an alumni of IIEST, Shibpur and Corporate Professional (one of the Board of Director) in  top notch Malyasian based Travel Company. He is a social activist and coming from an underprivileged backdrop has seen first-hand how much a person has to struggle and endure to meet the simplest of human rights like food, shelter and education. 


Withstanding all odds he made a successful career and dreamed of forming an institution where people will be treated with dignity and their basic needs will be met while giving them a way to be self-sufficient. He is  a prestigious INSPIRE scholar holder for Top 1% rank in the Board Examinations. He has more than 10 years of teaching experience. He is not only nurture students but also give them all kind of  support to be successful in life. He was an Assistant Professor (youngest in history of TIU) of Techno India University. He also worked in Schools like Delhi Public School and many more as a guest lecturer and Motivational Speaker . He is an author of many books in and one of the famous book named ‘ Cracking Codes in Career’ . 


He initiates projects that solve complex problems with his uniqueness, effectiveness and originality. Later a team of domestic and international members from various backgrounds with varied skill sets came together and joined Swapanasathi Foundation. With their time, effort, intellect, skills, networks and financial support the charity thrived. The idea eventually took shape in the form of the currently running foundation, providing education, shelter, nutrition, healthcare & legal aid to the impoverished and enabling them with skills, giving them the confidence to stand on the same pedestal as their peers.