The Belpahari Emergence



A child without education is like a Bird without Wings”
Amidst all the crises we have always chosen “Education” as our main field of Work.
This time we are planning to help those underprivileged children of some village schools in Belpahari.
To provide basic education and to uplift underprivileged children culturally of Junglemahal is one of our Dream Projects.
We will be at Belpahari, Junglemahal on the 20th September
We know , like previous events you will stand by us.

This project will provide a quality education to the most marginalized students  in inaccessible rural areas. Through this project, more than 300 children  from five remote rural areas will be empowered through education and will also receive life skills and leadership training. In addition to sexual and reproductive health information for the girls.

We estimate that for every educated person will help impact the lives of a minimum of 10 other people in his  life, leading to better outcomes for himself, his family, and community.

India has the highest rate of illiterate adults, with an overall literacy rate of 77.7%.. Reports find that 43.7% of women in the age five and above have never had any formal education or enrolled themselves in any educational institution.

Additionally, in this devastating time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the children who were getting education are now at home without receiving an education, as rural schools lack resources to teach online. We also saw in the previous lockdown that child marriage, female abuse and other acute issues for girls rose. Access to essential resources such as sanitary napkins were limited.

The rural children  will be empowered through various activities at informal schools run by us.  Through this project, 300 children from five rural areas will be empowered through education.

Also, we decide to give a Kit, we named it “A KIT FULL OF DREAMS” will be distributed among these children. The KIT will consist of the following things

1.    School Bag
2.    Drawing Book
3.    Pencil Box.
4.    Pen & Pencil
5.    Geometric Box
6.    Colour Pencil
7.    Drawing Exercise Book
8.    Drawing Materials
9.    New Dresses and
10.    Financial Support to the family

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