Cultivating hope in LGBTQ community


  • Same-sex couples are more vulnerable to poverty in general than different-sex married couples.
  • Children of LGB parents are especially vulnerable to poverty.
  • Same-sex couples have poverty rates at least twice the rate for different-sex married couples.


of Gay man experiences poverty.


of Lesbian experiences poverty.


of Bisexual Men experiences poverty.


of Bisexual Women experiences poverty.


Female of same sex couple experiences poverty.


Male of same sex couple experiences poverty.

Abuse Of Transgender Indians Begins In Early Childhood

Without education, life skills and jobs, many trans-women (men who express themselves as women) take to sex work. In most cases, clients are the top perpetrators of physical violence and second in sexual and emotional violence. 4 out of 10 transgender people face sexual abuse before completing 18 years. The abuse begins as early as age five, but most vulnerable are those aged 11 to 15.

As many as 30% transgender people live alone, No more than 7% lived with families, largely because they were not accepted or lacked support.

Transgender men and women often face discrimination, bigotry and hatred from their families, friends and co-workers. These harsh reactions usually stem from fear and a basic misunderstanding of the transgender community. By being an Swapanasathi , you are doing your part to help end ignorance surrounding transgender issues.

In the last 2 years we have extended financial support to at least 200 families and ensured access to basic amenities. So be a part of the change , be a Swapanasathi.

We works for LGBT communities affected by poverty. It also works for the uplift of commercial sex workers, aiming to fight HIV and AIDS and to end human trafficking. Our special projects include producing sanitary pads, providing space to women to make and sell their art. We encourage and provide help to their handcrafted works.



Our team have taken these following initiatives towards woman:
  • Literacy and Education

  • Vocational training for income generation

  • Community Health and Nutrition

  • Awareness Programmes on various issues

  • Basic Ration Kit distribution