War against Hunger

Food Hubs

Swapanasathi is taking trouble to create “food hubs” an advanced present day solution to hunger and starvation under this tremendous tedious situation caused by Covid-19 national lockdown. Anyone near or far, in dire need , can reach us and collect the food supplements. Let’s provide together , for all the essentials of life. We created more than 20 Food Hubs in places like Janaphul, Brghum. Dumdum. Gangulymore , Ashoknagar Etc and which is still active. We promise you this will go on till the pandemic ends.

Mission Zero Hunger

We distributed Basic ration Kit over in all over West Bengal. It cosist of 30 meals for a family of four. We want India to be Hunger free so that all section, class and category of people realise the purpose of life.

Over 10000 peoples are benefited through our programme and still counting.