Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to Welfare

Who We Are

“Education is our base and serving people is our dream”

Starting from 2016, we have been trying to be
an integral part of this ideology.Though educational reforms and lifting up deprived talents is our basic working
zone, we helped people in different crises too.
Swapanasathi is not only an NGO, but it’s a thought, a dream and a prolonged concept of supporting the

So, come explore our world of human welfare and be a part of it.


To assist the underprivileged women by providing proper training, knowledge and equipment in various
technical and non-technical fields for generation of revenue and employment with no profit motive.
The revenue generated in this process will be used to promote education for the children of the underprivileged
area. The main focus will be to promote basic and higher education for the girls and women, poor and needy
people. To open a school, college, hospital, training institute, Shelter home, old age house, Blind school,
Psychiatric hospital, pg, girls and boys hostel, drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and hotel, restaurant,
training center etc. Counseling Unit for all those persons men, women, children for their mind development &
personality progress. Health purpose. Like helping the poor and needy to get treatment or medicines, helping
natural disasters victims, a charity like food and shelter to the needy. Help underprivileged children by
providing treatment and equipment. The main object of the foundation will be public welfare and awareness.


Education is the manifestation of the internal growth of a country. By integrating education as a daily routine a
country can actually grow.
We believe in this vision. We believe that there will be no school runaways, there will be no children working in
hotels, mines and other places.
And to promote this vision into reality, we formed this team with some of our school and college friends.
Now this team is getting larger as many people of the same vision are joining us. In 2019 we were registered by
the Government of India.
Now we will forward this vision from one generation to another to make a better society, a happier Earth.